16-17 Per. 2 Caricatures


Caricature is the exaggeration of important/ significant body parts that make a person. The exaggeration is used to create a comical effect of the person.

The image is emphasizing that some of the internet and world are belittling Trump and his appearances at aims to cope with the loss that some people have to deal with. Trump is edited to the size of a child, given with child like features, such as tiny hands, and feet.



This image is an example of a caricature because two people are arguing for letting the national debt to climb in a gorilla exhibit and it correlates to the recent event where a gorilla named “Harambe” was shot and killed because a kid crawled into his exhibit because the parents were not paying attention.




In this caricature the eyes of the baby are exaggerated which are a dominant feature of the child. Her eyes are big and brown and to shadow her emotion. Also her facial expression is exaggerated to show exactly how she is feeling. Overall this image embodies the features of the child which make her herself



Justin Bieber is widely known for his past hair cut, representing a bowl/ helmet hair style. Many boys had this hair style during JB’s peak of fame. Features that are exaggerated in this image are Justin’s head size, and hair length. His body is made much smaller and scrawnier, to draw more attention to his facial and head features.


 By: Nithin Rao Kumblekarcelebrities-caricature-3