16-17 Per. 1 Caricatures


By: Mia, Elza, and Tyra


A image of someone/something that is exaggerated. The features on the person or subject of the photo is what is exaggerated in order to clearly resemble who or what the person/thing is.


LENO – By Jaume Cullell


This is an example of a caricature because it is exaggerating Jay Leno’s elongated and large chin in which you could know this drawing is of him by knowing his large chin.

 Donald Trump – By DonkeyHotey


This is a caricature because of how much Donald Trump’s mouth is exaggerated. Many people would say that he’s a “big mouth” and he says what he wants without thinking and in this image that’s exactly what’s exaggerated.

Commander in Chief – By Kal the Economist


Since the hat on President Obama’s head is enlarged along with his ears and facial features, this is a good example of a caricature.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – By  Vladymyr Lukash


This caricature emphasizes Arnold’s large body-building body that he is known for. His jaw appears larger in the caricature than in reality.

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