16-17 Per. 1 Parody

 What is a Parody?

By: Thien, Paulo, and Brooklyn

Parody (Noun) : A parody is an article, video, or other form of media which alters an already existing piece of writing, film, or other form of media in order to make it humorous.

Some examples of parodies


Shed A Tear by Ryan Higa is a song that parodies the song Rocketeer by Far East Movement. They use the same instrument but change the lyrics and the meaning of the song to make a comedy out of it.

Scary Movie exaggerates different scenes of different movies to make the tone of the movie more comedic. The movie makes the different scenes very ridiculous. Some movies that the Scary Movie series spoofs are Scream, Sixth Sense, and other scary movies. In the Scary Movie series, they combine the plots of the different movies to make a bigger comedy movie.

Saturday Night Live is a television show that has been on TV for over forty years. Among celebrity host monologues, musical guests, and skits involving well-known actors as well as regular cast members, this show is known for its commentary on political current events. With actors like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler impersonating Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton during the 2008 election, and Alec Baldwin impersonating Donald Trump in the 2016 election, Americans often watch SNL’s parodies to keep updated on current political events without the normal stress and anxiety that watching actual debates and reading real news articles about presidential elections.