16-17 Per. 2 Farce

Farce (noun)

By Ricardo, Megan, and Jordan

Definition: a work using funny and foolish comedy; usually rude characterization of situations that are highly improbable; slapstick

Example 1: The Interview (film)



This is a highly improbable situation in which they are making fun of the idea of interviewing the leader of North Korea. Seth Rogan and James Franco own a tv show in which they interview famous people. Kim Jon Un, the leader of North Korea, enjoys this show and is willing to do an interview with James Franco, because the show needs more views, and Kim Jon Un was a very big news story at the time. It goes on to have a very funny and improbable storyline with many problems that would be highly unlikely.

Example 2: The Three Stooges (television)



There is no complex plot or character development, it is merely a compilation of slapstick humor and improbable events gone wrong. The Three Stooges get in wild situations that would never happen in real life, and the whole “plot” is merely them trying to solve trivial problems while running into obstacles along the way. This series is farce, because the characters are acting out a whole charade of silliness.

Example 3: Saturday Night Live (television)



The sitcom is an example because it makes comedic gestures and mocks famous people. It also re-enacts current news today and celebrities in a humorous way. It uses characterization by using known celebrities and famous events that are popular that many people can relate to. Sometimes the show will even go over the top and exploit it so much so that it is that much more humorous.

Example 4: The Dictator (film)



This involves the highly improbable situation of a Dictator going to America. “Gen. Aladeen (Sacha Baron Cohen) has ruled the oil-rich North African country of Wadiya since the age of six, when 97 stray bullets and a hand grenade killed his father in a hunting accident” (IMDb). The dictator then goes to New York seeking freedom, but has trouble living there. It is a slapstick comedy that involves an improbable situation, making it farce.