16-17 Per. 4 Caricatures


(Noun) – An exaggerated picture or description of an individual or multiple individuals emphasizing their traits to a point of being deformed, humorous, or surrealistic.

(Verb)  – Used in third person to describe an individual’s exaggerated cartoon like features. 

“Rapper – Jay Z” by Rodney Pike

                             jay-z          jay-z_src

This is a good example of Caricature because it uses some of the more memorable or striking features of Jay-Z face and makes it exaggerated and comical. In this case, it utilizes how Jay-Z has big lips that are occasionally chapped. The piece takes an advantage of his features and makes it more grotesque, to remind people how ginormous Jay-Z lips are. To get more deep, it may also signify how maybe his lips contributed to his rap career. Or even how he gained larger lips after many years of spiting bars.

– Ryan D

“Snoop Dogg” by Mahesh Nambiar

4-snoop-dogg-caricature-by-mahesh.jpg     Snoop-Dogg-Smoking-Weed.jpg

This illustration of Snoop Dogg is a good example of a caricature because it emphasizes Snoop Dogg’s most noticeable features and habits. In this image, his marijuana smoking habits are a prime factor as there is a blunt in his hand and smoke coming out of his mouth. These smoking habits affect his facial features especially in the redness of his eyes. I’ve also noticed he is not holding the blunt correctly though. This is because of the signs he is throwing up with his hands. Snoop Dogg’s overall features in this caricature can be seen as devilish as he is smoking weed, which was also known as “devil’s lettuce”.

– Camille R

“Donald Trump” by jdelgado

donald-trump-election-caricatures-5824634f342d9__700.jpg     donald-trump1.jpg

This is a good caricature because it really emphasizes how almost dehumanizing he really is, almost fake.  Having Plankton the spongebob character “controlling” Trump shows how cartoony he can be considered.  Portraying him as a robot is a less than subtle way of saying that his movements and actions are robotic, with little regard to those affected.  There is also a jab at his hairstyle, because of the bobby pins in his hair.

– Will A

“Bill Cosby” by Tom Richmond

car29.jpg          images.jpg

This is an example a caricature because it is exaggerating the Bill Cosby date rape problem. If you look close enough you see pills in the food, which was a big thing when it came out that he had knocked out and then slept with many women. They also make him seem very inviting. The picture also makes fun of his smile and facial features. “No means no, Bill Cosby” (Eric Cartman South Park).

– Ryan J