16-17 Per. 4 Parody

This is parody because the fake poster is altering the name of the McDonald’s poster to McDiabetes, as a result of 5594880296_343f72f15e_beating at McDonald’s. It’s ironic because McDonald’s wants more people to eat at their restaurant but this does the opposite. It also references how unhealthy and dangerous eating at McDonald’s is.

imgresParody because the movie title is actually called divergent but changed the name. The also edited the picture so that it makes it looks like she’s hanging laundry up on a tie while Four is kneeling down with three detergent bottles emphasizing that they’re cleaning clothes and using detergent to clean.

imgres-1This is a good parody because the movie Blind Side is about how a woman named Leighton Anne Tuohy who takes Michael Oher off the streets. Tuohy and her husband raise Michael who has a great potential for playing football because of his size. If Michael was still on the streets, he wouldn’t be able to play football, so Anne, who is white, saved the day.

This image is a good example of parody because it is exaggerating on the idea the Presidentimgres-2 Obama is African American, and the image is using symbolism as putting him as Simba. However, this is ironic because the American Flag is in the background and Africa is not in the United States.