Say The Right Thing Or Feel My Right Wrath


We’re asked for opinions and thoughts on the littlest to greatest topics. “How does my hair look?” to “What do you think of the presidential candidates campaigns efforts?” to “What’s your opinion on that guy”  or even  “Does this dress make my butt look big?” We’re expected to say what they want to hear or risk facing their violent wrath. You can answer any way you want but God forbid saying your actual opinion because saying what you truly think probably isn’t the best, and the person will probably shank you. Don’t even say you are tired because if you aren’t doing anything productive, you can’t be. Don’t complain about getting hurt because someone else has to top how you feel to get more attention. Don’t say how you feel, unless you want to be yelled at. In today’s society, you’re told to voice your opinion openly and be who you are. But how is one supposed to truly express what they feel when they expect you to say what you’re expected to. Freedom of speech is now the question of whether or not you’re being granted your basic civil rights.

Say The Right Thing Or Feel My Right Wrath

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