Toilet Seat Up vs. Down: The War is Over!

For many years people have been in an extremely heated argument over what was the correct way to leave the toilet seat when one is finished using the toilet.  Many people firmly believe that the only way to leave the seat is up after use, for ease of use next time someone is using the restroom. The other side of the argument proclaims it is better to leave the seat down, for those that sit down to use the restroom.  It has been a truly fierce debate, but a consensus has finally been met.  After many months of research and hard work scientists have finally figured out the perfect technique for what to do with toilet seat.  They have decided that the best way is to put the toilet seat cover down after every use.  With the cover down, both sides are equally infuriated. This equalizes the problem, by inconveniencing everyone even more.  The only way to settle it was to make everyone unhappy.  So from now on when you go to use the bathroom remember; toilet cover down, just to piss off that next guy.



Toilet Seat Up vs. Down: The War is Over!

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