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Technology is one of the greatest creations in history. People use their phone and the Internet these days for everything from paying their bills to finding the nearest gas station, texting a friend or watching movies on Netflix. Now you see that younger kids getting iPhones and all of the greatest gadgets! Back in my day, we had flip phones and it was a struggle to text a friend with the multi letter keypad. With new inventions being created, so much has changed. Nowadays, we see younger kids taking selfies with the selfie stick at the beach instead of flying a kite along the shore. When we are meeting new people, we more uncomfortable to talk to them face to face. We tend to run out of topics to talk about. WHY??? I understand that you can do a lot of things on the Internet but what happens if we had no Wi-Fi for the whole day? We don’t live the moment anymore. What would you do without you laptop, phone or TV? I bet on the first day without our gadgets, it’s going to be difficult because we have that urge to look at our phones. I suggest that you get your ass up and leave that little screen!


Attached to Tech

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