Bay Area Man Turns Competitive Parking Into A Sport

In a somewhat strange turn of events, one average Joe, by the name of Joe, has created a worldwide phenomenon from a sticky parking situation. On April 1st, Joe attempted to back into a parking space at a local Costco when a woman in her mid 90’s swerved right in before he got a chance. “The fact that she took the space is understandable, but how she fit in between two Hummers in that amount of time is beyond me.’’ Staying calm and collected, Joe took out his expression by rear ending 15 cars before coming up with a better form of revenge.


Complaints flooded in across the county, with reports of parking lot stalking, followed by giant fits of rage from being spot stolen, and brawls breaking out between the drivers. This trend spread from the Bay Area, and influenced the creation of a sport known as Competitive Parking. Thousands of cities across the globe have demolished their sports stadiums, and replaced them with parking lots for thousands to view competitive parking matches. While being met with harsh criticism, Competitive Parking has passed the viewership of popular sports such as golf. In an interview at the New York Parking Stadium, one fan remarked, “This is great, why didn’t anyone park like this before?!”

Bay Area Man Turns Competitive Parking Into A Sport

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