Can Angry Americans Stump the Trump?


          As of January 20th of the year 2017, Donald John Trump Sr. has been sworn into office. Congratulations to Mr.Trump for his landslide 75% win margin against presidential competitor Bernie Sanders. But even with such a staggering victory, many of the resident americans are unhappy with their nation’s newest change in leadership. It has been reported, that an estimated 45.8% of the latino population has agreed to mold together to form a “Gundam Robot”  that will “ Not stop till’ he got 40 caps in his big wrinkly mouth”.  It has also been reported the emigration rate has increased by over 40%, emigration to Canada and Mexico has prompted the nations to threaten america with building a wall to stem the overflow of fleeing U.S immigrants. The numbers and evidence are all here, but Trump still claims that they are fleeing the Sombrero-bot rather than his neo-political or wealth catering political plans. Fortunately, not all of america is collapsing, with the implosion of the vast majority of our nation’s infrastructure, drug cartels have deemed us too “unstable” and “unpredictable” to do business with. It is unknown if the self-proclaimed “Sombrero Bot” has been successful on its murderous endeavor, but at least things can only go uphill from here.


Can Angry Americans Stump the Trump?

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