Conform to Uniform

IMG_3364Saint Joseph Notre Dame is a very prestigious school but it also has many severe problems, such as  lack of special ed attention, cyber bullying, and the loss of many teachers. Obviously the most important and prevalent problem at SJND is our uniform policy. Ms. Nastari is a very nice dean, but she lacks power as a administrator who believes that our uniform policy is too much, and we should make the dress code more loose. Is she out of her mind!! Right now we have to wear khakis with no back pockets and a polo. We are not aloud to wear sweatshirts that do not have the SJND logo on them. If anything that is too loose, we should have to wear full body SJND jumpsuits! Our uniform policy is obviously more important than the quality of our education. We shouldn’t focus more on special ed attention because that would bring an unnecessary amount of people to our school. We shouldn’t install an elevator in Marianist for people who get injured and have a to use crutches or a wheelchair, in fact we should add more stairs.  Not only that, but our school struggles with too much space in our location, we should make the school ground much smaller. 

Conform to Uniform

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