Cookie Causes Rapper Life of Pain and Distrust


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Critically acclaimed producer and songwriter, Young Metro, comes out and reveals that he does indeed have commitment and trust issues. Metro expresses his fear of betrayal when he exclaims, “If young Metro don’t trust you I’m gon’ shoot you”. This popular song lyric was actually a cry for help hidden within the genius lyrics of “Father Stretch My Hands, Pt.1” by Kanye West. Young Metro’s childhood was tough and has proven to take a heavy toll on him. We later found out that the culprit of the trust issues began through an altercation over a chocolate chip cookie. Someone he thought was his good friend, Yung Jukebox, cut him in line and stole the last cookie, Metro was crushed and realized that from then on, trust was not an option. Several other encounters, such as, his hamster running away and the lunch lady giving him beef instead of chicken only made his problem more severe. Finally, his father was another defining factor in Metro’s lack of trust due to his generous tendencies, like buying Young Metro a PC computer to make beats on when all he wanted was a MacBook, and this is what pushed him over the edge.

Cookie Causes Rapper Life of Pain and Distrust

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