Dealing With Your Heterosexual Child


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The world has seen many changes, and lately more and more children are following trends in order to feel cool and to seek attention. As parents, it is our job to teach our children the truth and the to help them work through their confusion.This is a dialogue of a man dealing with his.. alternative son. We advise parents to take note.


“Don’t you understand what this means? You have no idea what you’re doing! This is going to ruin everything. What’ll your father say? And your grandfather!! Oh my god… Why did you do this to us?! Why would you do this.. you didn’t even think this through did you? No! No, Matthew this is a PHASE! We can’t ever let you near our family like this! You’re corrupting this family. You’re making your siblings confused!! This is the worst thing to ever happen to my family. You need to leave. I can’t have you stay with my family. You’re no longer part of my family. Do you understand? Leave. Matthew, we could never allow someone straight to live in our family.”


In conclusion, the only way to keep your family safe from heterosexuality is to exile your child and hide your normal children from that “lifestyle.”

Dealing With Your Heterosexual Child

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