Desai, The Buzz of SJND


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St. Joseph Notre Dame High School is known for their science program. I would completely agree since we do have Dr. Desai. He is so famous, that everyone talks about him, even in English class and he’s a Physics teacher. The first time you meet him in class, you will think he is funny due to how he talks about all Americans being obese, and cats taking over the world when we all die. Along with being funny, he allows you to spend your 1hr and 20mins like you are the king of the world. This will finally give you a chance to catch up on The Walking Dead. But once second semester comes, you will not be allowed to spend all your time on Netflix; only 1hr of it. With the 20mins, he will make you do your Physics homework in class and you can spend the rest of the class doing your other work. He is helping you pass every other class but Physics, what a great guy. This will at most give you a 3.42 GPA at the end of the year and you will be accepted to most colleges.

Desai, The Buzz of SJND

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