Donald Trump Bans All Words that Rhyme with Immigrati*n


On April 1, 2017 President Donald Trump banned any word that rhymes with immigrati*n. His reasoning is, “there is no room for them in our American vocabulary”. Mr. President believes that if he bans the word immigrati*n, he is one step closer to stopping immigrants from illegally coming to America.

Patients in hospital die from not being able to ask for medicati*n.

There are numerous reports of intestine failure now that defecati*n is illegal.

Citizens like Jose Iglesias are appalled by the act. “Does this mean masturbati*n is illegal?” Mr. Iglesias asks.

This new law inconveniences people all over the United States. Donald trump himself is no longer allowed to talk on the phone because telecommunicati*n is banned.

Congress won’t let Mr. Trump build a wall that separates Mexico and the US. Donald Trump’s way around this is to make a language wall. Mr. Trump is so against immigrants coming to the United States

The illegal use of words that rhyme with immigration are punishable with up to 4 years in prison and a $6,900 fine.

This article has now been made illegal because horati*n satire is banned. See you in prison.

Donald Trump Bans All Words that Rhyme with Immigrati*n

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