Don’t Crease my J’s

It was the first day of school and I wanted people to think I was cool. So I laid out my outfit: my skinny jeans, my white undershirt, my Polo sweater, my stance socks, my fake Jordans, my Chicago Bulls snapback, my fake Raybans, and my fake gold chain. I finna be swaggin’ tomorrow! I walked to school looking like a complete G. I went over to a group of fine ladies to say what’s up. They didn’t even look at me. I dipped and was like “y’all are just haters.” So I peeped some bruhs across the hall and decided to make some homies. I thought that if I talk as much shit as possible they will think I’m cool. I walked up to their circle, and they asked what my name was. I said, “you can call me daddy cuz I’m bangin’ yo mom.” He started to square up on me. I backed up and I said, “don’t make me call my shooters.” As I began to walk away I tripped and fell. Everyone was laughing at me. I went home and my mom asked me how school was. I said “It was the best day ever. I have so many friends  and all the ladies love me.”


Don’t Crease my J’s

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