Gamers Fight in Console War!


Latest news on the Console Wars! Xbox launches its newest Halo exclusive game. Sony loses 1.3% of its fans who were Xbox sympathizers. Here’s a quote from a die hard Xbox Fanboy, “Yeah man, I knew Halo was going to bring a bunch of them to our side; Those poor Sony Ponies are gonna die out. “ As we see Xbox purchases slowly begin to rise, and the amount of people of the Sony Servers begin to decline. As Xbox continues its campaign against Sony, how will Sony react.

Sony has responded with two new of its exclusives, Oh My God their are spectacular as well. They are releasing their latest Uncharted game, and oh my The Last of Two! The Sony Purchases are skyrocketing, Xbox servers are at an all time low, and don’t know how much more Xbox can take. Now there is rioting in the streets! Their aren’t enough Play stations to go around. There is madness in every store and every street.
As the PC’s keepers step in, there is a massive brawls in Times square, Boston Garden, and the Golden Gate Bridge between the Sony Ponies, Xbox Fanboys, and the PC keepers. This is truly the end folks, who will be left standing?

Gamers Fight in Console War!

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