Guide To A Healthy Relationship

Due to the dramatic incline on healthy relationships in America recently we were given the opportunity to interview a couple that has been happily married for the past 2 months. Let us meet Ofi and GoGo, they met on and it was like a perfect match. Something Gogo relishes is Ofi’s constant affair with the love of her life Gingerbread, he appreciated that someone could make her happy since he couldn’t. In a quote he says, “Bruh sometimes I think she finna dump me for Gingerbread cuz he so much better den me, like new phone who dis.” Gogo also reminisces on how much he loves Ofi’s childish ways, “I love when she play wid my emotions it make me love her more.” There loves seems to be inter-changeable, especially with Ofi. “He’s so much fun, he is always out with different girls every night, who are like 10 years younger than him.” she says “I also love when he tells me he’s going to get food, but ends up crashing his car…It’s like a mystery book with him, all these lies and hidden secrets.” When interviewing them I noticed that Ofi couldn’t stop staring at him, Gogo said, “She very protective over me, no one allowed to look at me when I’m wid her, and if they is she threatens to run them over, she brazy bruh.” This is a role model relationship, that everyone should look up to.


Guide To A Healthy Relationship

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