I’d Tap That… Like Button


Hey! Why don’t you come on over so you can stare at your phone not at your house, but at mine. That will make your life so much better, and give you something to tweet about. I am not really looking for a conversation or a good time. I would just like someone to sit next to while I look at my screen some more and text.  I might ask to put you on my story so that way when people view my story, they will text me and ask me what we are doing and I can text back a story of what we really are not doing, but wish we were. But you know, if we went swimming, we couldn’t take our phones with us because we don’t have a waterproof case and that would just be tragic. So we will stay home and we will sit on our phones until you text me you are leaving and I will reply goodnight. And you might be expecting me to get up and give you a hug, but I can’t do that because first of all, I am in the middle of group chat break up. And secondly, I just read an article on Facebook that said if someone is on their period and you give them a hug, you can catch a disease.

I’d Tap That… Like Button

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