It’s alright… I can hold it

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 Many new cases have surfaced in the recent accusations against many drivers in the sport that no one really cares about, NASCAR, about the use of constipation drugs so the drivers will not have to go to the bathroom while racing. The most recent accusation has been against Dale Earnhardt Jr. In a recent press interview, he spoke out against these accusations, saying, “I do not and have not ever used constipation drugs during my career as a driver. I race fair and I win square. If I have to go number two, then so be it. I’ll go number two all day long in my suit. I just want to go fast. If you ain’t first, then your last.” Other drivers who have been accused have yet to make any comment. After a random drug test was administered to all drivers, many results showed high doses of drugs that have high percentages of inducing constipation, the most prevalent being the cholesterol-lowering drug Cholestyramine. The commissioner of NASCAR, John Middlebrook, has yet to make a comment on these accusations, but the organization has made some moves, starting multiple investigations, and they say more are pending.




It’s alright… I can hold it

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