Son of Bruce (Jaws Series) exacts revenge on Humans

After the death of his father who was killed by a man known as Steven Spielberg,  Seuss “The Trouble”, a white albino shark has been seen in Naples, FL near the Gulf of Mexico. He has stated that he has vowed to avenge his father’s death by attacking the lives of the innocent for killing his ancestors. He failed and was taken to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for questioning. Several scientists jot down their notes as he pleas.

“I am Seuss ‘The Trouble’ and I am here to avenge my father’s death that was taken away by a strange old man! My plan of vengeance is to broadcast a message to you humans that what you are doing to the sharks is threatening! You never realize it, but we are killed for food, entertainment (movies/tv shows, etc.), sport, to keep your beaches safe, etc. While it is true that we have been known for harming/killing 20-30 people per year, 11,415 of us are killed every single hour. We are afraid of YOU humans for killing off almost hundreds of sharks every single day, and yet you turn around saying that you are afraid of us? Take your shoes off and step into the life of a shark, and watch your words carefully.” 



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Son of Bruce (Jaws Series) exacts revenge on Humans

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