Kanye Not Take My Money Kim?

Everything has its flaws, but when it comes to dating a Kardashian, I hope you have a psychologist. I am here to reveal the truth about the debt of Kanye West. We first learn about this from his tweet admitting he’s $53 million dollars in personal debt. Now I don’t know about you, but I think we all know who to blame for this.  His famous, Kimtastic, conceided wife. Looking back, everyone who has dated or married a Kardashian got screwed up. chris Humphries got lucky, he escaped while he could. Then we have Lamar Odom who overdosed on cocaine, alcohol  and other drugs. I wonder the reason for Scott’s anger issues. And the biggest effect was the switch from Bruce to Caitlyn Jenner.  Now back to Kanye’s debt. He has his clothing line and those fresh Yeezy’s people cultivate. He would also benefit off releases his album “The Life of Pablo”. But let’s hope he doesn’t spend all that money on Kim, because who needs a built-in lake in their backyard? If you didn’t know, Kim comes in at number 33 on the list of one hundred riches people in america with $53 million dollars. Coincidence? I think not. Seems pretty obvious Kanye experienced deja vu with his song Gold Digger.MY PIC

Kanye Not Take My Money Kim?

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