Local Mexican Hero Destroys De Anza’s Dreams

CLOS.jpg  Alameda- In late December of 2015, the SJND men soccer team faced reigning champion De Anza in a fierce match on the Pilots’ home field. The home team had the ball at kickoff and field advantage. When the referee blew the whistle, the ball was passed to defender Carlos Rodriguez who decided to dribble up the wing while breaking the opponents’ ankles in the process. When he faced the goalkeeper in a one-on-one situation, Carlos bested the keeper with a cheeky chip over the hopeless man. With his first goal, Carlos became extremely hyped and went on to score two classy, long range goals to complete his hat-trick. With ten minutes remaining on the clock, Carlos casually walked to the sideline, picked up a bag of extra hot Hot Cheetos, and proceeded to play while munching away on the unhealthy snack. Though he was eating, he was waddling at blistering pace which resulted in him besting the reigning champion’s defense. After defeating the keeper with his trickiness, Carlos waddled quickly towards the goal line, got on his knees, and headed the ball in with ease. The crowd went wild, De Anza forfeited at the half time whistle, Carlos went down in history, and the crowd shed tears of joy.

Local Mexican Hero Destroys De Anza’s Dreams

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