Mangina: The Beginning of a End

   IMG_0961     My mangina is literally going to fall off. This has to be the end of my life. I have blood dripping down my legs as I speak. How do I survive this catastrophe? How do I even stop this bleeding, do I get napkins or pads? What about those candy looking packets?! Does that even stop this horror? I don’t want to die young! Oh god, I need food. Yeah, maybe that will stop this craziness. I just need to get a large order of Hawaiian pizza and tacos and this will all go away the next day. Yeah, there’s no need to be freaking out because after today there will be no more blood on my bed sheets and no more blood flowing out of my mangina like a waterfall!

     Never mind, my life is done. I’m going to die. No more girls to netflix and chill with, no more sports to play, no more friends because they will think I’m a wussy. Goodbye world and goodbye family of mine. I love you all but this is the end of me. NO, OH MY GOD I RAN OUT OF PIZZA. What am I going to do?!? Oh god, I’m bleeding, I’m bleeding, I’m bleeding!! I don’t want to die like this GOD, let me die in peace!


Mangina: The Beginning of a End

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