Need For Hippies Will Restart Society


     The 1960’s were a time of fab. People went against the trend and totally brought the world to a peak of psychedelic greatness. Whether you were Team Beatles, Team Stones, or Team Whoever Makes the Trippiest Music, the music and culture was everywhere. We need to revive the 60’s in order to correct the nonconformity in society.  We need to make everyone the same by having them become flower children. Everyone is always talking about differences between people, so let’s make everyone equal under one culture (or rather counter-culture). A return to Sixties culture is a return to a period of some groovy sameness that allows more freedom to express yourself. In order to make sure people stay on the same page, all expression should be made through music and nothing else. What better way to spread the peace and the love than to ride this party bus of change . We gotta reject the hole that sucks us into hating each other and just sit down to make some sweet tunes. Sure the Sixties had their different groups, but at least they all were able to come together to go against the trend. It can’t be bad can it? And while we’re at it, can we bring back Woodstock?

Need For Hippies Will Restart Society

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