Stephen Curry, ‘The Human Torch’



Last night Stephen Curry of the Warriors’ vs Pelicans, Curry had a terrific game.He finished the game with 40 points, 24 in the first quarter. Stephen Curry is known as ‘The Human Torch’,because once he starts making baskets he gets on fire and there’s no way to put him out!Last night Curry lit up the Oracle! The net was fire,he was fire,eventually the Oakland fire department had to come by and hose down the arena. Curry is very hot himself,if you know what I am saying.He is so beautiful, he’s muy caliente.It was only the third quarter and Curry hit is 5th three,the net caught fire, they put it out,and then he hit another three, the people caught fire,people were screaming and trying to stop,drop,and roll.He hit another three!Curry caught fire, when a Pelican tried to guard him their feathers caught fire and couldn’t fly away.Eventually every Pelican caught on fire and the game was over.He hit another three!The Oracle caught fire!Curry was also on fire and he kept playing while everyone ran away.It was a crucial site,the Pelicans could not put Curry out,shoot, he Oakland firefighters couldn’t put Curry out!The other teams in the NBA better watch out for Curry,he might come by next and burn down your arena.


Stephen Curry, ‘The Human Torch’

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