Strange Species Detected on Blue Planet


I regret to inform the audience that our scientific research facility has brought back very negative information about the extraterrestrial species discovered recently. Much like us, they appear to be carbon-based. These beings receive sustenance exclusively off of other living matter, unable to convert sunlight or consume methane. They are also infested with a variety of microbes, any one of which could be lethal. The social practices of these aliens are also twisted and weird. They employ brutally self-defeating systems, creating tribe-like “nations”, many of which operate using a system that requests that they unapologetically overtake and abandon members of their own race heartlessly. They also have constant and unyielding civil war throughout their planet, denying members of their own species the exact same rights that they claim to hold as universal. They will often use religions, even ones which outright condemn violence, as justifications for their actions. These aliens have been seen to be deeply territorial and violent, and the history of their species shows a pattern of forcibly exploring uncharted territory, claiming the land, and then massacring existing denizens of the area. This is a final warning. These aliens are amoral, violent, self-defeating, illogical, and relentless. Avoid humanity. Avoid the strange planet known as “Earth”.

Strange Species Detected on Blue Planet

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