Surgeon Finds Foreign Object During Routine Colonoscopy

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It was a regular day for surgeon Marshall Mayfield. He was scheduled to peform a routine colonoscopy procedure on Hugo Egerer. Mr. Egerer had been complaining to his wife Sofia about a pain in his lower abdomen for a couple weeks now after their trip to Nigeria. Hugo was made comfortable in the operating room and the doctor scrubbed in.The camera entered the rectum and the exploration began! Cancer was not found, so it was ruled out. Marshall didn’t give up and went farther into Hugo’s rigmasentoid junction. The camera became blocked by something hard and brown. “Has the patient eaten anything in the past twenty-four hours? No doctor. Then why does my patient have a fecal obstruction?”. He adjusted and discovered that fecal matter was not blocking Marshall’s camera.“It was a rusty beer bottle,” said Marshall. Once Hugo woke up, Mayfield had to deliver the awkward news. To his amazement, Hugo was calm about the whole subject saying, “what happens in Nigeria stay in Nigeria”. When Dr.Mayfield was asked what his future looked like, he said, “ Ever since then, I have become more queasy when it came to rectums and foreign objects. Perhaps a less invasive field of medicine is better. Maybe OBGYN is my calling.”


Surgeon Finds Foreign Object During Routine Colonoscopy

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