The Dangerous Pant Pockets

At certain high schools with tew pantshe dress code being uniform, pants with pockets are not allowed. This is totally understandable knowing the reasons as to why such rule was put into place. Students can do and place all sorts of horrific things in their butt pocket such as put a pet in there and bring it to school and even hide their phones in there which is such a terrible thing. Imagine the students bringing their phones to class with them and hiding them from their teachers, the only way they would be able to do this is if they had butt pockets and thankfully we do not allow that. Students should be able to learn their lesson because we discipline them  by giving them detentions which is totally not a waste of time. Having pockets attached to their pants can bring the whole world to an end, knowing that these high school students would become rebels if they had holes in their pants. Either way it is not like pants without pockets are hard to find, you can go into any store and just ask for pants with no open pockets on them. You know they could easily unstitch the pockets and they will look marvelous. Honestly, the real problem at schools are the students for not understanding such fashionista trends, the pants with no pockets.

The Dangerous Pant Pockets

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