Try the New McEducation

Recently a graduate from the Bay Area got the opportunity to get a job at  the new McDonald’s in Oakland that requires you to know trigonometry and history events. We met up with him and he had some words to say stating, “All those trigonometry and World War II classes really paid off.” The McDonalds has only been open for a couple days and already it is showing off its new technology. To operate the cash register you have to answer a history question and if you get it wrong then the order won’t go through. The CEO of McDonald’s stated, “You have to have had a high quality education to work at this McDonalds.”Another cool feature we saw while we visited was the ability of the workers to have the worst grammar but still be able to solve questions of the fourth grade. We found out they rejected a straight A Harvard student due to his inability to remember how to use the yellow blocks from kindergarten. This McDonald’s is not for everyone as you can see but if you are looking for a job that requires you to use these useful subjects then McDonald’s is the place for you.   

Try the New McEducation

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