WIFI are never ever ever getting back together

IMG_6497People these days are always using technologies and are glued to their devices.The most important thing that they cannot live without while using their digital devices is wifi. When there’s no WIFI, people think the world is going to end. I can’t live without WIFI. It’s one thing that everyone should have. How can you live and be happy not having WIFI? Life would be extremely boring and unenjoying. WIFI is more important than air. It makes the world go round. People of all different ages now have their own mobile devices they cherish as if their life depends on it. When there is no WIFI, people go around and throw things at each other because of their anger of not having WIFI. One time, there was a girl who lost WIFI connection on her phone and threw a tantrum and started yelling at people. She started to have trouble breathing and think she is going to die. Is it even possible to live a life without WIFI? Because I think it’s impossible. No WIFI means actually socializing with people face to face, gross. Everything can go wrong without WIFI.


WIFI are never ever ever getting back together

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