Will A Girl’s Outfit be the End of the World?


In many schools today, girls’ attire such as tank tops and skirts that are more than three inches above the knee have caused a massive uproar. Seeing a girl’s bra strap during class is extremely provocative and obviously done intentionally to make sure the learning environment is heavily disrupted. Reports show that grades dropped significantly after a girl showed her collarbones in a v-neck shirt during class. Another case stated girls who dared to show their bare shoulders in a halter top caused a car crash since they were trying to attract attention by cooling off from a hot day. These instances are a glimpse of terror that many people must face due to girls’ attire. Since prom season is finally here, doomsday is bound to happen. What will everyone do once they see some cleavage and curves because a girl’s prom dress fits her a little too well? Or a bit of their midriff? The world will meet its end sooner than we may think. It started with bare shoulders in class, to an elegant dress worn at a formal dance. Next thing we know, a girl in a bikini will cause World War III. We must brace ourselves for the future darkness all because of how a girl decides to dress herself.

Will A Girl’s Outfit be the End of the World?

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