Being Untalented is the New Black.


Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 9.53.08 AM.png

It has taken millions of years to finally get social media to its rightful place.  We live in a beautiful day and age where people are getting immensely famous over doing nothing important! People are getting more famous and less talented as the days pass. Talent is overrated and being untalented/irrelevant to society is the new way to get famous. Social media/world icons like The Kardashians, Alex From Target, and “Damn Daniel” are perfect role models for your kids. The kids of this generation should aspire to be untalented in hopes of getting famous like these Hollywood stars. The Kardashians admirable fame is due to some fancy videos, celebrity marriages, and an incomprehensible confidence in their beautiful plastic bodies. Alex From Target became a social media icon for so gloriously scanning groceries. A girl saw this beautiful boy, took well exposed photo, and posted it to Twitter.  Most recently, a teenage boy by the name of Daniel became a worldwide superstar because of his amazing strut across a camera pan wearing white vans. This video of Daniel shows his favorable physique matched with his ‘crushing’ fashion. These present day role models are fantastic examples of where our current society sits today. In conclusion, our generation must now focus on being just as untalented as these stars, since this is the only way that humanity will live on. 

Being Untalented is the New Black.

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