Best Way To Maintain A Hot, Healthy Body

HOLLYWOOD, CA – I woke up this morning and wanted to share my daily routine with all the regular people who aren’t pretty enough to be models like me. When I get up in the morning I start by putting on my makeup and then using the extra cotton balls I have for my breakfast. If you drench them in orange juice it makes for a really healthy meal. There are no carbs and you get half of your daily value of Vitamin C. As my day progresses and I’m tired from sitting around all day in one place and taking at least 50 pictures, I go for my lunch break. My lunch consists of snorting cocaine and getting my daily 1000 milligrams of Adderall. This is completely fat free and has little to no side effects. I have only passed out twice this week! After I am done with lunch I get my daily colonic and I go home to have dinner with the girls. We drink champagne and if we are feeling indulgent we may even eat a whole tissue. It’s only 90 calories, but sometimes it is risky because it has a whole 40 milligrams of sodium. I hope this can help you look and feel as great as me.


Best Way To Maintain A Hot, Healthy Body

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