How Wonderful It Is To Have Allergies

Some people say that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but they have never experienced allergy season to its prime. Instead of the air sparkling with delicate snowflakes that land so peacefully on your face, white puffs of pollen ambush into your nasal cavity. They consume the whole aura of your daily thoughts, like when you nonstop think about what Santa is getting you for Christmas. What is even better than waking up to presents under an illuminated, crisp smelling tree is being surprised with congestion and the occasional yacking up of some bodily fluid that would match that subtle green color of the tree. Who wouldn’t want that? The greatest part of allergy season is being able to share that contagious feeling with others. It is so lovely to see others in that stupor phase before they sneeze and cough for all to hear. Like all holidays they have to come to an end, but the allergy fest doesn’t have to conclude so soon. What all people have to do is sneeze or cough into their hands and touch everything and everyone around them, spreading the infectious cheer. What is also advised is to forget that sanitizer and disinfectants exist so there will be germs galore! Don’t be hiding out in bathrooms constantly washing your hands, its better to stay outside and try to breath in that pollen-infused air, not being able to have a care or detect a smell in the world.

Photographer: Azalea 
How Wonderful It Is To Have Allergies

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