Life Of A Artificial Body Part

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I refuse to be put on Kylie Jenner’s face! I’m too big, round, full, and pale to be wasted on such a little girl who can’t be her own person. It was already hard enough to see my mom and dad become Kim’s new right and left butt cheeks when I was a young lad. That’s how I became a foster child and was abandoned with no additional protection and family around me to connect with. Kylie will never own me I will never be her property no matter how much she spends on me, I am not her natural real skin that she was born with I’m someone else’s skin that unfortunately, is losing the fight of being on Kylie’s face! Someone please help me and the others that are suffering on this annoying, irritating, fake barbie doll some might call a teenager. Her blue hair and fake eyelashes are so eye catching and makes my heart skip 10 beats. My family members are being used for her face, butt, and boobs and it’s such an extraordinary honor to be chosen to be put on Ms. Kylie Jenner. I love being material for a plastic surgeon it’s such a hard and crucial life.

Life Of A Artificial Body Part

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