Maple Syrup Deemed “Cure-All”


         Two Canadian parents are receiving praise from around the world for making a natural concoction that served as a cure for the potentially lethal meningitis. The duo refused to vaccinate him because of previous negative experiences with the Canadian Health System. Instead of dealing with terrible service and the E.R. for a few hours, the couple used natural remedies such as mashed onion, rabbit blood, pure rose oil, salt, and maple syrup to treat their son. Since the meningococcal  vaccine was developed in the 1970’s, the couple deemed it unsafe in fear that the toddler would contract boogie fever and autism.

          When Ezekiel contracted meningitis,  his parents broke out their book of shadows, cauldron and went to work. Astounded Dr. Ima Profesh exclaimed, “It’s incredible really. These parents knew how to treat their son, even when they had no experience with pediatric health care whatsoever!” The couple are now looking into the future with their plans to research what other lethal diseases could be treated with herbs and animal blood.

Maple Syrup Deemed “Cure-All”

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