New Undercover Footage Reveals Ben Carson is a Synthetic Human

During the GOP primary debate, Ben Carson was in the process of falling asleep when asked a question about airstrikes on ISIS, responding with “Don’t put people in there if you’re not gonna bomb”. This prompted a thorough investigation on the biological state of Ben Carson. When asked, the security guard in charge of the metal detector at the debate reported the metal detector as faulty when processing Carson. The reason? Every portion of Carson’s body caused the metal detector to shrill. Skeptical of this event, I proceeded to have a

Ben Carson Robot
Sources: our-humanity-away/                                                                                                                                    gop-debate                                                                                                          

stake-out at Carson’s home, and discovered Carson taking off his face to reveal his metal workings underneath, before he started to recharge. This lead me to the hypothesis that Carson was low on power during the debate, which interfered with his programming of logical reasoning and complex decision making. Low power consequently manifested the statement “Who’s in their 16th month?” in Carson’s program when the moderators asked Carson about the airstrikes over the past 16 months. Now, other worrying possibilities open up. Could the reports of Donald Trump being a ‘Terminator’ be true? Is President Barack Obama a mechanical machination that has successfully infiltrated the U.S.A? America’s must be examined to root out these robotic invaders.





New Undercover Footage Reveals Ben Carson is a Synthetic Human

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