Not Your Cheese

Throughout history there have been many mysteries concerning the topic of aliens.  In 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico there was a supposed sighting of a UFO or unidentified flying object which many believed crashed and was brought to Area 51. Though there have been many debates to whether or not extraterrestrial life forms exist, through recent research there have been confirmed sightings of an unknown yellow substances that have been confirmed as extremely dangerous.  The yellow substances has been identified in common tongue as “Nacho Cheese”. This unknown substance has been seen in many food establishments.  In later results found by scientists it has also been proven that this so called cheese has many health concerns and in some cases can lead to severe consequences to a persons health and well being. Many people believe this unknown source of liquid yellow gold is a very cheap and reliable substitute for real cheese which is served in most authentic Mexican restaurants. In many products today we see this health hazard take on many forms such as “Liquid Gold” or a “Nacho Bell Grande”. Which brings up the question, is this really your cheese, or Not Your Cheese.

Not Your Cheese

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