Obesity. . . Just Roll with It.

Obesity  is traveling in high speed, and along with that we will too. It is even said that if we keep up the good work by 2030,  then 51% percent of America will be populated by children and adults who are obese. Here are are some good reasons why we should continue to feed our citizens an a very unhealthy way. One would be that instead of using, those of what we used to call legs, we can roll. Now we can get to places faster in an orderly fashion. How fun!  So say goodbye to those days where you would walk down the stairs, and say hello to rolling down them.  Along with the cost of medical reasons, it won’t be necessary for you to pay it since you can save that money to buy enough food to enjoy your transportation even better. Even if it costs your life it’s still worth it right?  The second reason is that, we can get rid of global warming! Hello, no more automobiles equals no more pollution. If  you love your planet enough then get rid of global warming by simply eating everything away. We can also get more food because the weather will be much more in control, which makes plantation much more easier. Yay!  Problem solved with just a bite, a munch, and a swallow.  

Obesity. . . Just Roll with It.

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