Rude + Two Faced = The Average American Girl

“Oh my God!, she is so ugly! What is that top? She thinks she’s so pretty. EW” , said every girl ever. Being a guy I don’t understand this. Some people call it fake, some people call is
mean and savage. I call it straight up rude. First of all, why are you being so mean? Aren’t you friends with her? You just went to get boba with her, like yesterday. Then she comes over to sit with us. You might as well just punch them in the face. I swear if one of my friends found out that I was talking behind their back, we would never talk again. But this seems like a normal thing for most girls. And don’t lie, I know you have done it. We all have, to be honest, talked about somebody behind their back. I don’t understand why they are so rude. Why do you care about what she’s wearing? Does it really mean anything in the grand scheme of things. Nobody cares that her shoes don’t match her jacket. Then you tell her how her clothes are so nice and how you are probably going to get it yourself.

Rude + Two Faced = The Average American Girl

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