Sanders lover dies from “heart bern”


One of the side effects of “heart bern”, the subject enters a state of massive shock, their face shrinking to strangely small sizes.


Recently, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has been visiting certain towns and cities hoping to win support for the upcoming election against the comb-over king. He has been going to “fan meet-ups” where he gets to personally greet both his supporters and even critics. Recently he attended one of these meet-ups in his most popular state, California, which is home to the largest stoner population in America (there, ‘feeling the bern’ has a completely different meaning). Although many were extremely ‘stoked’ to meet the presidential candidate, none were more ecstatic then Chad ‘Broski’ Chazzington, an avid left-wing supporter. He reportedly saw Bernie, made a beeline for him, started stuttering and foaming from the mouth, and died on the spot. Although this may seem strange, many democratic supporters throughout the nation suffer from “heart bern” whenever they come in contact with Bernie Sanders. In an interview with a victim’s mother, the sad parent said, “I remember the day it happened. He was so excited about meeting Bernie that he wore his ‘feel the bern’ shirt. He did feel the bern that day. In his heart. What I’m trying to say is that he had a massive heart attack.” The election is really taking a toll on the American people. One way, or another.


Sanders lover dies from “heart bern”

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