Slim Thick With Yo Fake Ass!

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 9.45.17 AM

I am the piece that puts Nicki Minaj’s figure together, giving that slim thick factor! This was the Fashion Rocks Performance, man, it was a night to remember. Being on Nicki was a blessing that night, she was out there shaking me all around like the purest thing out there. I know that the guys were looking and drooling over me. Especially when I performed Anaconda, oh, we was poppin’, lockin’, legs in the air, I even slipped out a little bit. That performance nearly made me burst! It was getting hot in all of those clothes Nicki had on and I was desperate to get a little fresh air. When she sat on that chair, I felt like I was giving her a boost up in the air making her look like a boss on that stage. Even after I was filled with talk from magazines and social media because they loved how authentic and fantastic Nicki’s performance was. She takes such good care of me. She took me to the doctor’s to get checked out because I was sore from bending too much after the Fashion Rocks Performance. But I’m okay, still rocking and shaking like jello. 

Slim Thick With Yo Fake Ass!

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