The Life of a Weave

IMG_6310Oh my God I look so good coming out the salon! I feel the breeze lifting me up from my sorrows. I can see all the men looking at me …mhmm… Everybody keeps touching me I feel like Beyonce. She saw her boyfriend today and he was tugging on me …mhmm… I’m so sexy! What can go wrong? Ohh hell no! It’s been a while since somebody has fixed me. It’s been three months and I have not been taken care of. I mean just look at me! I’m falling like crazy. I barely have glue in me. Nobody in the street look at me no more. She saw her boyfriend today again and the only thing i could see was parts of me on his fingers. I just want to cry I mean oh my God look at me! She doesn’t put anything on me; no products at all. People make fun of her because of how nasty I look. I mean come on I have self-esteem issues as well! Girl please help me out! Hook a sister up please! I wanna feel sexy again, because right now I am nappy as hell.

The Life of a Weave

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