The Parking Fairy

To all our student drivers who drives to school everyday, I think we can all relate with how easy it is to find parking in Alameda, especially on Park St. Legend has it that there was once a man who was blessed with the skill to find perfect parking and was legendary at parallel parking. His luck ran out when he was killed by a falling piano…right after he parked on the perfect spot.Snapchat-8988385047170943801.jpg

However he was thankful that he had that luck his whole life so he became a fairy. He moves badly parked cars (although there are rarely any thanks to people with incredible parking skills) and leaves vacant parking spots for people who need them the most, especially if they’re running late for a job interview. The parking on Park St. is incredible, the people there are so nice and definitely does not yell at you when you are taking a few seconds to pull out of your parking spot. They also give approval and support to your driving every now and then with a honk or two. Maybe it’s just me, but Alameda is a great place to take a casual stroll in your car. 


The Parking Fairy

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