The “Sn#%ze” Bomb

        Aren’t those off days from work and/or school great? An easy way for this to happen is just go along with your daily routine. There will be at least one person who will have no problem sneezing on you! Who needs to cover their mouth anyway? The spit coming out of someone’s nose is almost as if sprinklers were going off in the summertime- what more can someone ask for than a refreshing sprinkle of germs? The best part about getting sick from these people is….it’s their surprise gift to you! No warnings, alerts, or anything. BOOM! Congratulations, the aftermath of this “surprise gift” is becoming sick within a  day or even a couple of hours. People everywhere are so genuine without even trying! How nice of someone to know that you are overwhelmed with life and need a break? Or even a trip to the doctors? Always remember to thank those who sneeze on you because they have your best interest at heart like no one else! Why do people say “bless you”, when it really should be, “bless me”! But why would you do that when in fact, YOU are the one being blessed with their sneeze.

The “Sn#%ze” Bomb

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