Those Sexy Shoulders

Today I saw a student and the palm of her hand was more than visible, so I gave her detention for the rest of the week. But, when I saw the guy with shorts riding all the way up his ass crack I laughed so hard and asked why he wanted to wear that. Oh and those patch pockets really get my gears grinding because they look too casual. You know what I really hate about girls shoulders, they distract the boys, and we couldn’t possibly have that. We wouldn’t want them getting erections in class, because it promotes sex, because shoulders are just that sexy. Ankles are even more promiscuous, just look at how the bone is squeezed by the skin. It’s too delicious, which brings me back to erections, they resemble each other. If we hide the ankle, maybe we can hide the erection. Here we teach abstinence, which is why at prom we will not be promoting any after prom activities. Everyone must wear panty hose and ankle warmers to prom. The neck is too close to the cleavage which means turtlenecks for everyone. Hope to see you all there, and the Monday after, and remember no shoulders.


Inspiration from Peli

Written by Jalia

Those Sexy Shoulders

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