#Thuglife Event hosted by The Chi Omega’s

We the Chi Omega’s of PSU, are officially hosting our very own #Thuglife party. Now this of course is a themed get together so, boys bring the grills, saggy pants /basketball shorts and retro’s of course are an essential. While you ladies wear your shortest skimpiest dresses/apple bottoms, with afro’s on point or weave (whatever floats your boat), with a side of fake fake everything. Plus there’s no point in worrying about getting caught, it’s not like anyone would care enough to call the cops with all the fun we’ll have. Also really no need in bringing your own refreshments, because all will be provided for you upon your arrival. As the rap and r&b is put on blast throughout our house, there will be plenty of watermelon, KFC, and koolaid to go around. Also, If you think you might be the next Jay-Z make sure you can spit some bars like a real pimp when the mike comes out for the rap battle that will be crowd judged. All are welcome, but as a precaution, if you can’t handle what we’re about lay down then don’t show up. However it’s HIGHLY unlikely anyone wouldn’t show up, because hello we are the Chi Omega’s.


Kayla Davis

#Thuglife Event hosted by The Chi Omega’s

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