Trashcan, LEFTOVERS.


Poverty is the greatest thing society has ever seen. There are so many benefits from it. To be honest living in luxury is overrated, because if you’re in poverty you will get evicted. Getting evicted can be great because you can live in your car. If you live in car, do you know the benefits you get?: you don’t pay bills, you will never be cold because the heater, rushing places wouldn’t be a problem. Being in poverty allows you to get the best food possible, LEFTOVERS. You can get all kinds of leftovers, especially living in the city. They have the most trash cans where food is wasted and left over. You know what they say “early bird gets the worm” and since you’re already in your car you can get the leftovers before anyone else. So everyone should get themselves into poverty because it’s amazing. Life is all about living in happiness. If you look at the rich people they aren’t happy they are just constantly stressed out because of paying bills and paparazzi and other causes. With poverty you can be free and happy all the time, I mean who likes living in a big house anyway.

Trashcan, LEFTOVERS.

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